Some of fleetTrend fleet management system specifications

Panel TREND App

you can with this fleet management system + Panel TREND App ( FREE ) Connect with drivers.
Panel TREND is a application for chat with derivers

notification and events builder ( creator )

you can make unlimited Notifications and Event
for Digital input ,Output , Analog sensors , Engine idle , Over speed , Moving , Stopped , Zone in , Zone out , Service , Parameter , SOS , Power cut , Low DC voltage , Low battery , GPS Antenna cut , Signal jamming , harsh acceleration , harsh braking , harsh cornering , shock , impact , Tow , ....

statement of driver behavior

Eco Driving and Green Driving is a good solution for owners of devices TELTONIKA
This statement is a product Processing data of harsh acceleration , harsh braking , harsh cornering , overspeed and seatbelt
this product is efficient and reliable