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Online Photos solution

Vehicle tracker FM6320, FMB640 and FMB630 with MVC300 IP camera. This solution allows to capture images with MVC300 and transfer to server via FM6320, FMB640 and FMB630.
Simple image generation algorithm ensures easy configuration. Images could be saved on preconfigured time intervals and on following events: Eco driving, Overspeeding, Excessive idling, Digital inputs activation.

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Support Of GARMIN Navigation Device

Garmin fleet hardware platform gives providers an efficient way to bundle third-party or custom-developed applications with their unique offerings.
You can send stops , programs , and messages to drivers of TREND fleet management software to GPS tracker and show GARMIN device.
Car tracker model FM6320 , FMB620 , FM5500 , FM5300 of TELTONIKA company connected with GARMIN navigation device

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