We need to shorten the intervals to solve the problem and increase the accuracy

Do you have any problems with the mismatch of the vehicle mileage with the reports provided by your tracking software system?

What is the difference between the amount of vehicle mileage and the mileage provided by the tracking software?

Why does not the tracking software provide accurate reports and unacceptable differences with what the car did in real?

What is the reason for jumping and ignoring part of the vehicle’s track in show route  history?

Why does the car symbol remain on the map ? (When the car is moving)

How can we have a perfect and accurate tracking system for the transport fleet?

Why are not all our vehicle online? (There are always some offline and their connection to the server is disconnected)

How to reduce the annual cost of tracking system?

Many factors can affect the quality of a tracking system, like:

 GPS module

Professional devices connect to Russia’s GLONASS satellite and Europe’s Galileo Satellite other than Satellite GPS to provide accurate location.
– Tracking via GPS has up to 10 meters wrong.
– Tracking via GPS + GLONASS has up to 5 meters wrong.
– Tracking via GPS + GLONASS + Galileo has up to 2 meter wrong.

 GSM module

High quality devices can send location within short periods using 2G/3G. They are able to send data each 2 seconds.

No-quality devices can not send positions at intervals of less than 10 seconds; they can send 10 seconds to the server at best.

 Buffer Memory

At the times when GSM is not available, the GPS tracker should be able to store points and transfer them to the server after reconnecting to the GSM.

Devices that do not have a built-in storage (buffer) can’t track continuously, and they jump when the vehicle’s track history is displayed.

Jumps and freezes are causing a computational error.

Fleet management software

In some tracking systems, the amount of mileage in the tracking software is calculated. And because the tracking software calculates the distance between the points to get the mileage, if the interval between points is more than 5 seconds, we will see the difference between the amount of mileage traveled by the vehicle and the tracking software provided.

Some GPS devices, along with the position they send to the server, also calculate the distance traveled between that point and the previous point and send it to the server. In this case, the tracking software works less and does not need to be calculated between the points and the software aggregates only these values to get the total mileage.

In either case, what device calculates and what tracking software, if the record and write intervals are high (over 5 seconds), the error occurs as follows.

We need to shorten the intervals to solve the problem and increase the accuracy
1- Every 3 seconds and 10 degrees (correct)
2- Every 3 seconds (up to 2% miscalculation)
3- Every 5 seconds and 10 degrees (up to 3% miscalculation)
4- Every 5 seconds (up to 5% miscalculation)
5- Every 10 seconds (up to 15% miscalculation)
6- Every 20 seconds (up to 30% miscalculation)

Tracking at long distances (Long time interval), in addition to low accuracy in positioning and the creation of a misunderstanding in reconsidering the car’s route, causes computational errors in reporting, too.

Daily report / General report  /Distance report / Trips report / Fuel and Costs report
Maintenance report  / Stopping reports / Speeding report


Why don’t other suppliers offer less than 10 seconds?

Weak Hardware :

– Low buffer size – Low quality hardware – weak GSM modules or tracker’s micro controller (CPU).

Weak Tracking Software :

– Inability to software to display a large number of points on a map to reconstruct the route traveled by the vehicle.

– Inability to software to process large number of points to generate reports.

– Server unresponsiveness and high traffic on that.
Please note that 3 seconds period for sending location from 1 device equals 10 devices sending reports in 30 seconds period.
If a device sends location each 30 seconds = 120 points will be sent to server hourly
If a device sends location each 3 seconds = 1200 points will be sent to server hourly

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